When House Party Tour was announced I was beyond ecstatic, the line up was solid and I not only knew every band but also loved them very much.

I Had never seen The Wonder Years  live, so I had no clue what to expect of them. Dan Campbell as a very energetic vocalist, you can tell he loves what he does. While everyone else was energetic, they were no where near his level. The openers job is tog et the crowds attention and get them pumped up, which is exactly what they did.

Matt Brasch

This would be my second time seeing All Time Low and while the last experience wasn’t the best, I was determined this one would be great (Starting with the Hustler Meet and Greet I barley made it to before the show) It definitely made up for the last time, although Alex had a bathroom issue, and he pulled a guy out of the crowd to sing for him while he was gone, who did pretty good! The highlight of the night was hearing “A Love Like War” performed with Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil.

Guest Singer for Alex

I have also see Pierce the Veil many times before and they always surprise me with their performance. They always have an elaborate backdrop and put 110% into their performance.  They tend to try and interact with the crowd as much as they can, even if a giant pit area separates them from the crowd.

Vic Fuentes

Last but not least, A Day To Remember. I haven’t seen them before but have been told they have one of the best stage presences around and i was so impressed! They literally had a house part on the stage at the end of the set, and at the beginning they had a elaborate video that led them on stage, which had a house with a garage and even a mail box. They know how to put on a unforgettable show!

Neil Westfall

More photos Below.

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