Sept. 23/Rise Records

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99% Soul

Speak To Me


To be honest this record gave me a little bit of faith for solo records. I have never really been a fan of solo records but this one is actually really good. It really let Matty Mullins (lead vocals for Memphis May Fire) show off his amazing voice where most of his music with Memphis May Fire is scream heavy. This is definitely for the fans of Miles Away, the song MMF did with Kellin Quinn. The only slight issue with the record is that it has a bit of a repetitive feeling. A lot of the tracks kind of have a very similar feel to them that just kinda mashes the songs together. But other than that I really dig this record. Matty’s vocals are unreal. It’s nice to have some music that really allows his voice to shine. Keep an eye out to see if he incorporates a song or two into Memphis May Fire’s set on their upcoming tour with Yellowcard. –T.L. Dickens