Oct. 7th 2014/Razor & Tie

Check Out:
Make Me So
Crash The Gates

The record starts off with a very smooth instrumental violin track that really leaves you wondering where the record is going to take you musically. It isn’t long before the next track kicks in with some heavy kick beats and guitar rifts. I think that musically the track really blend into the bands new label, Razor & Tie. Overall you can tell that Yellowcard was kinda pushing for a bit of a heavier sound throughout the record but it is still the same ove summer pop unk music from the classic YC boys. I think this is a solid record to kick off the amazing Fall of releases that will be coming out over the next few months after a rather dry summer of releases. Be sure to check out Yellowcard as they kick off their fall tour with Memphis May Fire later this year. –T.L. Dickens

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