October 7, 2014/Hopeless

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Ready and Willing



The first New Found Glory record since the departure of former guitarist Steve Klein and the first album the band has put together as a four piece, everyone is wondering if this is going to be the beginning of the end or the beginning or a new era? Let me just dismiss any doubt anyone has about this record, this record is fantastic! This might be the best record New Found has ever put out. Full of fast paced, fun, pop punk jams this record is my favorite thing I’ve personally heard all year. With their major song writer gone along with a solid half of the guitar work, you can tell that the rest of the best really stepped up to fill the void that Klein left, and by fill, I mean they covers up that hole and started building on top of it. Be sure to go pick this record up and check out NFG on the Glamour Kills Tour coming up this fall! –T.L. Dickens