To most, going to a concert is just a fun thing to do once in a while. It’s nothing more than watching someone play, then, going home. But for some of us, it is so much more. We dedicate our lives to waiting by the computer, waiting for the tickets to go on sale, getting to the venue at five in the morning for a chance to be closer to our heroes. Even after the concert, waiting outside till maybe even two in the morning till the band comes out so we can meet them, because we need to tell them “Thank you”.
When you are first told that a band that means a lot to you is going on tour, it’s a rush of excitement, happiness, and a bit of hope. Because, what if you meet them. You look through the dates, sitting on the edge of your seat till you see that they are coming to your state, and when you do, its feeling of relief. You beg your parents, explaining how much this would mean to you. When they say yes, you have never loved them more. The second you are able to purchase the ticket, you have this feeling in your gut, because, oh my god, this is actually happening. The months up until the concert are some of the most awful and exciting months of your life. You think about what the concert will be like in class, even though you’re supposed to be learning………

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-Helen Hill