Your Last Album, Wrenched and Diblack veil brides (67 of 179)-9vine: Story of the Wild Ones was a concept album, and told a story. Does Black Veil Brides IV do the same thing?

No it isn’t a concept album. I enjoyed doing it, we were able to get to a point where we were successful at doing the story. Although it was a really fun thing to do, I felt it was time to make a basic rock and roll record. We really just wrote the songs as a band with a real organic feel to it.

 Black Veil Brides won the Most Dedicated Fans award at the AP Awards, Did that surprise you at all?

No, I think we have always had a great history with our fan base being adamant with voting. At the end of the day I feel bands celebrate fan voted awards a little inappropriately, since they are fan voted, which is why I gave the award to a fan at the Awards show. I feel like, if people are spending their time and effort to sit up all night and vote and getting their friends to vote, it’s a unifying factor for our fans. It’s nothing I have done, I mean I make the music and tour the world, but in the end it’s the fans who let me.

 Recently, there has been a lot of talk about if stage diving and crowd surfing is too dangerous, what are your thoughts on that?

I don’t really have and thoughts on that. Our band has never really encouraged stage diving, I don’t discourage it though. I feel that ultimately if something is dangerous it’s up to their own discretion. It shouldn’t be blamed on the artists. At the end of the day it is clearly their choice, the artist shouldn’t be penalized. It should be dealt with case by case. I don’t feel I’m qualified to talk about it, because my band isn’t one to have a lot of that going on.


black veil brides (95 of 179)-16Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Ultimately I think anyone would try and go to the bathroom and be prepared. My voice is very specific so I try and warm up vocally, I don’t have much stage fright or nerves.

What is your inspiration to writing music?

It’s always different. Everything in life reflects on you in a certain ways, and those experiences reflect on you to write about. Every song ends up being about a different thing. If I look at something like the last album with the concept behind the album and mirroring my own experiences into a story whereas the new record has little experiences that were occurring while I was writing.

Touring on a small bus for a month or two at a time can’t be as fun as it seems, what do you all do to help pass the time?

Well I think people don’t know how many cheap movies are purchased on tour, by both the band and crew. Truck stops are treated as Disneyland in a way, we can get off and buy candy and such, people will wake up from a dead sleep when we stop at a truck stop.  A lot of crappy $5 horror movies are bought.

If you could do anything different in your career, would you?

I don’t think so, I feel living with regret is difficult. We have been fortunate that our career has grown into something that I would look back on and laugh at or question but I try not to live with regret. Every decision you make can pretty much be improved on.


black veil brides (77 of 179)-11There was an obvious visual change in Black Veil Brides from 2012 to now, what made you all change your look?

It’s pretty simple, we got to the point where we weren’t excited about putting on all the make-up and the crazy hair. I think when you are not excited anymore it’s being dishonest to try and keep it going. It’s like putting on a show that doesn’t feel good to you anymore. Some people are into certain aspects of a band, like them being theatrical. I think of it as a cartoon version of ourselves. We are very fortunate that we were able to transition with our audience out of that and people accepted it, not to say we won’t ever go back to that, but currently I don’t have any interest in full body paint. I respect the bands that do that, and people who show up to shows like that. I love theatrical rock. While we no longer dress up like that there is still a theatricality to our image.

 How was it recording the last album?

It was a great experience, I think everyone in the band really had a great time. We really enjoyed working together with Bob Rock, who really brought it all together.

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Photos By Jenn Curtis

Interview By: Danielle Carter
Answers By: Andy Biersack