Imagine a place, a building if you will, dedicated to nothing but rock and roll. A home for music to thrive, a gathering for bands to meet, and a final resting place to commemorate all of the greatest people and moments in rock and roll history. My friends if you’ve wished and pleaded there is no need, for this once upon a time dream is now referred to as the rock and roll hall of fame.

Become enlightened with the true culture of rock and roll, take a journey through time the past, present, and future of rock. Experience the moments preserved in history where rock and roll changed the world forever.

The dedication to such a project is astounding. It seems as though every fan has a “proud parent” moment watching their favorite band be inducted, but for every proud parent there is a supporter to the child serving as a bench warmer. Those bench warmers stand for every band who without a doubt belong in the rankings of inductees throughout the years, and have yet to be recognized by the rock and roll hall of fame.

Here are fifteen bands we think deserve a spot in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, can you think of any more?

1)Deep Purple
2) Iron Maiden

3) Motorhead

4) Pantera

5) Bad Company

6) Motley Crue

7) Slayer

8) The Runaways

9) Megadeth

10) Judas Priest

 11) Blue Oyster Cult

 12) Styx

13) Boston

14) Cheap Trick

15) Def Leppard

-Tiffani Acrey