basic for amped sound

When winter first kicks off, it’s not terribly cold depending on where you live, so you can layer casually! A cute muscle tee or tank top such as the one pictured, with a leather jacket or dark colored parka over top keeps your upper half warm enough without being too hot or having too many things to keep up with in the show!

You can even wear a skirt paired with thermal thigh highs. They keep your legs toasty as if you were wearing pants, but they give you a feminine look and let you rock that floral skirt! Showing a bit of thigh at the top versus a closed off look like tights gives more effect to the skirt and in my opinion, a nicer overall look for this outfit!

Finish off the look with a choker or cute necklace, a pom beanie of your favorite band or brand, and some comfy Vans or Converse, possibly the adorable velvet Vans pictured in the outfit example! Punk and girly at the same time, the best combination!

You’re all set! Stay warm and have a great time!