cozy and cute for amped sound

It’s gotten a lot colder, so bundling up a little heavier is more essential.

Wear a muscle tee or tank like mentioned above, but this time, wear a soft and warm flannel over it, and a hoodie or parka over that! The flannel can be easily tied around your waist at the show, or even worn (as they aren’t terribly hot, depending on the fabric you choose!) and the parka can be coat checked!

You can still wear your cute high waisted shorts in the winter! Shocker, right? Pair those bad boys with some thick cable knit or ribbed sweater tights, it feels like pajamas but looks killer!

Throw on a beanie and a loop scarf as pictured, along with a pair of weather appropriate boots, Doc Martens look great with something like this!
Dark lipstick is also great for cold winter months (I wear it year round!) It’ll really bring out your features and match this outfit very well!

Have fun at the shows everyone, stay warm out there! These outfits are all bases, feel free to add leg warmers, cute gloves, cardigans etc. to keep extra warm while still rocking out!