Valentines Day is upon us once again this year, and whether you’re sharing it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or just yourself, all of the aforementioned people deserve a little something to celebrate.Here at Amped Sound, we value music above all else, so here’s our top ten music related gifts for Valentines 2015!

1. Fall Out Boy’s Limited Valentines Shirt


This shirt is only available through February 14th, and makes the perfect gift for any fan in your life, or for yourself, because let’s be real, I’d buy this for myself before I got it for anyone else! 😉

2. Mayday Parade’s Valentines Day Bundle

 This limited V-Day bundle from pop punk favorites Mayday Parade includes a cute card and a box of candy hearts, with the band’s most romantic lyrics on each one!

3. All Time Low’s Future Hearts Deluxe Bundle

All Time Low’s new album drops this spring, and in anticipation for that, why not pick up a bundle full of great merch? The deluxe bundle includes 3 tees, a crewneck, a copy of the new album, and more! There are cheaper bundles that include less as the price goes down as well. This item doesn’tship until April, but I know I would be glad to celebrate a belated Valentines Day if it included something like this!

4. Attila’s “You’re Fucking Awesome” Bundle

You want to give your significant other a card, some candy and a cute stuffed animal for Valentines Day, but also make sure it’s completely unique and completely hardcore? Look no further than this bundle. It includes a card that reads, “You’e fuckin’ awesome, now suck my f*ck.” as well as a teddy bear in a teddy bear sized Attila t-shirt, a t-shirt (human sized) and a box of candy hearts (some of which also read “Suck my Fuck”)

5. Sworn In Holiday Bundle

This bundle was released for the holidays, and is being sold through Valentines Day as well. It’s perfect for any girl in your life (or any guy who loves to rock knee-high socks, hell yeah!) It includes a pair of knee high socks and a beanie with the Sworn In logo across the front. It’s great to wrap up this year’s cold weather, and it’s also another great gift that’s sweet, cute, and hardcore as hell.

6. Paramore’s “Still Into You” Necklace

 Jewelry seems to be a great go to on Valentines Day, but your typical diamond
necklaces can get a little overdone. This necklace is definitely a step away from your typical jewelry gift, but it’s still something I feel anyone would love to wear. It’s especially perfect for a longtime couple, as a reminder that, well, you’re still into them!

7. Knuckle Puck “While I Stay Secluded” Cassette Tapes

Some music fans collect CD’s, some collect vinyls, and some are really into it when bands release their albums on cassette tapes. Chicago natives KnucklePuck are growing vastly in popularity, their new EP “While I Stay Secluded” dropped late last year, and good news! It’s finally coming to a limited run of cassette tapes. It’s even available in six different color variations!  Something like this is sure to win over anyone you love this upcoming holiday. Maybe order a pizza while you listen! 😉

8. Panic at the Disco “Are You Nasty?” Shorts

 Let’s be honest, Valentines Day is definitely a time where some people get a little nasty. And I’m not talking about forgetting to shower. So why not gift this great Panic at the Disco shorts? Brendon himself has styled them!

9.  My Chemical Romance “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” Wallet

 Valentines Day is a time to be happy, so if you give or get this gift, don’t cry about the fresh wound that is the My Chemical Romance break up. Instead smile about how great all the money you don’t have will look in this wallet! 😉

10. New Politics Denmark Crewneck

Most bands have a crewneck with their band name, and their hometown across the front. New Politics is no different, but theirs doesn’t read Boston or Seattle. It reads Denmark, the country this amazing band hails from! It’s definitely something different, and a way to show your love for a foreign band making huge waves in our country and all over the world! You can cozy up in this snuggly crew neck for a romantic Valentines Day, or just your own personal Netflix marathon accompanied by chocolates!


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