On March 11, 2015, founder of the Vans Warped Tour music festival gave a TEDxCPP talk at his alma mater, Cal Poly Pomona. During his brief talk, Kevin Lyman mentions the ever changing world of music events and festivals. Lyman states that festivals are a part of who we are; it’s basic instinct to join together with one goal/interest in mind and enjoy it together. Discussing the festival that Lyman is widely known for, the Vans Warped Tour, he explains how people between the ages of 24-29 are the poorest group of people in the US. There isn’t much out there for this age group anymore. Coachella is a long drawn out festival that ends up being very costly. He focuses Warped Tour for the younger age group of 13-17, adding incentive for parents, if the teen wants to go, parents get in free with the purchase of a ticket. Trying to find a balance between price, place and artist is what this founder is all about. If you are a fan of Lyman, or looking to break into the festival/roadie business, definitely watch this video. Check out his talk here: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/50006/events/3377049  

-Michelle (Anthem) Harris