Carolina Rebellion is right around the corner and the line up this year is Amazing (which CR always delivers so no worry there).
With such big names as Avenge Sevenfold and Kid Rock last year, you would think it would be hard to top them but they have showed us once again that they know what us rebels want. Both days will be filled with great acts like Papa Roach,Hollywood Undead,Slayer and much more!

Who are we looking forward to seeing here at Amped Sound? Honestly I’m ready to see Breaking Benjamin. While BB had been inactive at the time of announcement, they just announced a new album and will be on a slew of Festivals this summer (and hopefully a headlining tour soon!).

Jeramy, one of our Senior Photographer will be covering the festival both days and is pretty excited to see some of the older bands.

“Honestly the old school guys. Sammy Hagar, Cheap Trick, Slash. I mean you never know when you may lose them and or they may stop playing”

Tickets are still available over at