Baby Baby Had their gear stolen recently and have reached out for help.

Although non of their band equipment was taken, pretty much all of their electronics were, which play a huge roll in their career. You can read they Statement Below

“Hello all and greetings from the East Atlanta Public Library via Internet Explorer (yep, it still exists). As you may have heard Fontez and Grant’s house was broken into last night. Luckily, we weren’t home so no one was hurt. But they did manage to get away with all of our computers and electronics. The police filed a report but I’m afraid that will most likely not help. The crime scene investigator was unable to find any fingerprints either. They were definitely some crooks we don’t know because they left ALL the band equipment (THANK GOODNESS). They did manage to drink some of my cranberry juice and spill it on the floor though. The house was in shambles but I cleaned it up today. Good as new. so heres where we can REALLY use your help. Tez uses his computer to help write our new songs (and boy are they good). I use my computer to help stay in touch with all yall and do all the band busy work (and boy am I good at it). Unfortunately, as you already know, we’re the stereotypical broke musicians and can’t afford such necessities. Not to mention we are already in debt for our plane tickets to get to Warped Tour and back home (plus they stole all of our merch cash). If you have any spare change lying around, it would mean the world to us. And if you don’t, don’t worry about it! We know what its like to live paycheck to paycheck. Just come to a show and say hey. Thats just as good. $2000 is enough to help us get back on our feet but if we could get more we could do more for y’all (record new songs, get new merch, help us out while we’re on the road for 2 months). Alright I’m done, thanks for everything you guys! And to the thief I say… I drink your cranberry juice!

Love Grant, Tez, Ryan, Hsiang and Cow Cow

Mary and Marge are also OK.”


Even though they are almost at their goal, these guys could use our help!