Metro Station, the band who brought us catchy hits like “Shake it” and “Seventeen Forever” are back and better than ever, but what got them to this point? Has anything changed about their sound? Short answer, Yes but here is the long version. Metro Station first came out “Seventeen Forever” back in 2009. The song has that pop like feel but still has a difference in it to make it not a “mainstream” song. I personally played this song over and over for years and got pretty upset once I turned 18 and it no longer applied to me as well as it did before.

From that point on Metro Station came out with a steady stream of songs that made you dance around and just enjoy yourself and then…they just stopped. With a few disputes between Musso and Cyrus, they decided to pursue solo careers until they could record together again. Trace worked on Ashland High while Mason stayed connected to the name Metro Station and came out with a few titles including an EP via an Indiegogo campaign.

Once 2014 hit, Trace came back to the band and they released a new single “Love & War”, not long after that they were packing up and going on The Outsiders Tour with Against the Currents, The Ready Set, and The Downtown Fiction.

Now they are currently on all of Warped Tour, a Traveling summer tour across the USA.

When it comes to how their music has changed, feel it’s more of a maturing thing than anything, they have graduated from pop generic lyrics into something that means more to them and everyone around them. They mix in other elements like keyboards and synthesizers to give them a different sound. Their return was a very anticipated one and we are looking forward to more songs from them to show just how a band can change their sound and still be themselves. Mason and Trace work very well together with vocals, giving each time in all of their songs, which is the main thing that hasn’t changed from the band.                        

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Story: Danielle Rhew

Photos: Andrew Wendowski