What do you think when you hear “Russia”, “Kazakhstan”, “Kyrgyzstan”? Anything but rock\metal comes to your mind. Extreme music genres are not that popular in post-soviet countries. However, there is an underground music scene, which can surprise you and break some stereotypes. So, let’s focus our attention on small independent bands, organized by the music enthusiasts, who deserve to have their music heard by more people.


EORA – the screamo, post-hardcore, post-metal, ambient band from Russia. The band performs at small gigs, sometimes without even a stage so that the crowd is on the same level with the performers and people can touch them with hands, dance with them and so on. It can be due to the lack of budget but it makes the band even closer to their audience. Their music is heart breaking, the vocalist’s voice, whispering and screaming words over the crying guitars hurts almost physically, but hurts in a good way, it’s full of emotions. The band has recently released an EP, named “Все, чего я боялся”, which means “Everything I was afraid of”. You can check the EP by the link, and please pay attention to the last song of the EP, which is just beautiful

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Northern Ocean – the deathcore band from Kazakhstan. The members of the band promote themselves using social media and local metal fests. Their music is all about classic deathcore with growling vocals and smashing breakdowns. They do not reinvent the wheel but they are young boys, who are passionate of what they are doing and they make their music on the good level of quality using their own resources. You can check the single from their upcoming album “Cataclysm” here

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Dadmanki – the indie band from Kyrgyzstan, which experiments with different sounds in frames of their band. It is well known among the alternative youth of the country and performs on a regular basis in local alternative clubs. They have some videos on youtube but you have to see them live. Why? Their guitarist Shurup, which means “a screw” has it’s own show while performing within the band, he gets so crazy lying and crawling on the floor, throwing and breaking his guitars, sometimes he wears nothing but a gas mask instead of his underwear. All of the above happens live. I couldn’t find the exact gigs online, but here is the good old video for their song “Destroyer”, that does not show all the craziness of this band, but it is creative and fun to watch

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                The bands like this contribute to the progress in local independent heavy music scene on the post-soviet territory. Unfortunately, even if they have their own audience, the scene remains poorly developed and underrated. However, the members of the bands are full of energy and ideas, they make what they make not for the profit but because they like it That’s what really matters in music.

Author:Jaka Moldokulova