Everybody loves superheroes. Everybody wants superheroes to be real. But what if they Are real? We know their names, we see them, we listen to them. They do all the things superheroes do. They inspire us, they make us better, they are our role models, they hit the stage to send a message and if a trouble gets them on stage, they do not stop. A broken leg is not a problem if you are a superhero rock star.
“I may not be able to walk or run. But I can still play guitar and scream”, Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl showed that the show must go on despite the injuries. During the June 12 show in Gothenburg, Sweden, the 52 000 crowd of the Ullevi Stadium became the witness of the historical moment for Foo Fighters. While performing a second song, Dave moved forward and fell over : “I think I just broke my leg”, he said. He said he was sorry and promised to fix his leg and come back to perform. He looked like a hero, he acted like a hero when he really did come back to the stage and continued the show, sitting on a chair with a guitar in his hands and paramedics around him, taking care of his injured leg.

“I am quite active on stage regularly”, yes, Slipknot’s Sid Wilson, really is active on stage, taking into account that all of the Slipknot’s injuries deserve a whole article, Sid is the craziest of them. Can I mention just one incident? The first night of the Mayhem’s Festival, 2008. The band remembers that day as “the day when Sid broke his feet”. Both of them. The band was going crazy on stage as usual and Sid was jumping over Paul Grey, the bassist of the band,“Done it a million times”, he said after, “for some reason this time I was a little far behind myself and I had on all 30, 40 pounds of leather and chains, kind of a Road Warrior thing… I was cocky and I didn’t look at the arena first. So I jumped and smashed into my heels and broke both of them. Tremendous amount of pain”. Sid went of the stage to recover a bit and came back just when the band was performing “Psychosocial”. He finished the song, the show and the tour. Standing or crawling, he was doing his thing.

“My scrotum was the size of a big grapefruit and I was in a lot of pain”, Delain bassist Otto Schimmelpenninck had a bad luck to get his private parts injured. Performing “The gathering” was always quite a show with all those confetti cannons, but performing it in Birmingham, 2014 turned out to be another kind of show for the performers themselves. This time the confetti cannon shot Otto straight to the groin, his testicle was ruptured. Gives you pain just thinking about it, right? Despite the pain, Otto finished the performance and then was taken to the hospital, where surgeons removed 500 ML of blood and stitched up his injured testicle.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I cut my nose on the microphone. I apologize”, David Lee Roth of Van Halen appeared with the bandage on his nose on Jimmy Kimmel Live show, where the band had the first live TV appearance, March, 2015. David was spinning the microphone stand as part of the show and suddenly he cut his nose by it. He wanted to continue but bleeding did not stop so he went off the stage to fix his nose and after the couple of minutes he came back to restart the show, where the band played their seven songs. After the show, Dave received 14 stitches in the hospital.

While the performers like Dave and Sid represent the heroes without the cape on stage, there are situations when the performer is just another human like all of us, and he has to leave the stage to get his health fixed in case of injuries. And it’s OK to be a human.

Story by: Jaka Moldkulova

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