The much anticipated touring festival, Warped Tour made its stop in Virginia Beach this past week for what turned out to be a very energetic day.In just a few short hours, crews readied the Farm Bureau Live venue for Vans Warped Tour. Set it Off started out the day on the Unicorn Stage as soon as doors opened. They set the bar high for bands to follow after their highly energetic set which included Cody Carson (Vocalist) jumping into the sea of people. Throughout the day, crowds gathered at each stage going from the two main stages (The Shark and Unicorn stages) to smaller scale stages like the Monster Stage.

If you have ever gone to warped and had some free time from all the signings and live performances, its customary to sit in the amphitheater under some shade. This year, The Journeys Right and Left Foot stage were under that very amphitheater. While enjoying the shade from the warm day in Virginia Beach, I got the pleasure to watch Icon for Hire’s set which BLEW ME AWAY. It was more than just the energy they all gave off, it was every interaction with the crowd and song choices.I especially loved their song “Now you know” which is about being a female in the music industry. There’s were many other memorable sets of the day, I only wish it was possible to see them all.

There was a decent amount of female fronted bands or artists on the bill for this years Warped and honestly it was refreshing, from Juliet Simms, to New Years Day and Bebe Rexha. There is a different atmosphere during these sets which is amazing, and all of their performances were top notch.

PVRISWM-5NewYearsDayWM-11BebeRexhaWM-7Juliet SimmsWM-6

 Although Pierce the Veil didn’t close out the night,their set was full of energy,smoke and confetti.They opened up with their Brand new single “The Divine Zero”, which I must say was pretty great live. With Tony being out with injuries, you would think the energy would be a bit displaced but with Jesse Barrera filling in for him with just as much energy, the set was amazing which is nothing new for the San Diego band.


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