Set it off is known for their upbeat personalities and energy filled shows, but what happens when you take away the power and go unplugged, the result is beyond amazing.

Recently Set It Off released Duality: Stories Unplugged which contains acoustic versions of 5 of their songs from Duality with a bonus song.
Cody Carson has one of those voices that gives you chills when he hits those intense notes and you can really hear that in their music, expecially with this acoustic re-release.

My favorite song off of this album has to be “The Haunting”, the song has that creepy feel to it in the original version but when you hear it like this, it gives your goose bumps.the soft playing of the instruments mixed with Cody’s voice gives a new feel to this popular song.

A close second is “Ancient History” mainly because in the original it is such a upbeat song and you would think turning it acoustic would take that away, but it doesn’t. It still has that upbeat feel to it that i have grown to love about Set It Off.

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