I have just recently become a huge fan of Candy Hearts and knew that when they released their latest EP titled Acoustic Hearts on July 3, I had to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised with this EP featuring some new tracks as well as some of my favorites off of their album, All The Ways You Let Me Down, which was released on June 10 of last year. This five track EP has some brilliant stripped-down versions of inspired songs giving them a more relaxing feel and making them even more beautiful. My top two favorite songs off of Acoustic Hearts would definitely have to be I Want To Hate You and Brooklyn Bridge. With lyrics such as, “Sometimes when I think of you I catch myself smiling when I don’t want to”, I Want to Hate You contains some really riveting and catchy lines that listeners can most certainly relate to in regards to relationships and the internal conflict you may have when you know the relationship isn’t good for you. I also enjoyed the acoustic version of Brooklyn Bridge because it was constructed in a way that captured the essence of the song in its still upbeat and pop tune. Overall, Acoustic Hearts is certainly another success for Candy Hearts and I look forward to hearing what else they have in store for their listeners. Candy Hearts are also on Vans Warped Tour this year so if you get the opportunity you should definitely check them out!

Author: Noelle R