Blurryface is not just the name of the American indie duo Twenty One Pilots’ recently released album, it’s Tyler Joseph’s alter ego. As Tyler said “it represents all the things that I as an individual, but also everyone around me, is insecure about”. So, Blurryface has it’s own twitter account and a story to tell.

“This is not rap, this is not hip hop, Just another attempt to make the voices stop”

The album starts intensive with the almost disturbing music background with the drops of piano, which calm the song down a bit, with a statement in every word of the “HeavyDirtySoul”. Tyler wants us to think and when he asks“Can you save my heavy dirty soul”, you reflect this question on yourself. Can we save our heavy dirty souls from the YOLO zombies we’ve become?

But now we’re stressed out. We’re stressed out”

The intensiveness of the first song disappears with the second one. “STRESSED OUT” has the relaxing sound and dance beats. In this one Blurryface says: ”My name’s ‘Blurryface’ and I care what you think” While the first song was extremely confident, this one opens the insecure half of Blurryface to us, it’s full of nostalgia and the desire to “turn back time”, when everything was easier and better than now. It is relatable to everyone, we all have fears of future and growing up and the childhood seems to be the happiest period of our lives “but now we’re stressed out.

“Who would you live for? Who would you die for? And would you ever kill?”

Oh, the happy reggae of the third song of the Blurryface “Ride” just doesn’t match with the deep meaningful lyrics and I just love it, love it, love it. We all have heavy thoughts but we have to stay happy and just slide through this life like the cave penguin from Fight Club.

“This song will never be on the radio”

After the happy mood of the “Ride”, the single “Fairly local” feels dark and intense. So, after riding all over the places of life, Blurryface “have seen the streets you’re walking down”, he’s fairly local and he is confident in his thoughts again, he doesn’t let people change him and put labels on him, because he knows who he is.

“You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time, But that’s ok, I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine,”

“Tear in my heart” brings the happy mood back, love is in the air, the dangerous but tender love, that we all need while dealing with all our fears, doubts and problems.

“But I know a thing or two about pain and darkness If it wasn’t for this music, I don’t know how I would’ve fought this”

“Lane boy” starts a bit lazy but the drum n bass sound wakes us up by the end of the song, it’s full of heavy thoughts and all those thoughts are the same. But hey, “Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless”

“I know my soul’s freezing, Hell’s hot for good reason, so please, take me”

“The judge” is what Twenty One Pilots is in terms of instrumental background. It starts with the light ukulele, rises with the guitar, slows down by pace and ends with the piano. Playing with instrumentals is what we love about this band. But who is a judge here? Does Tyler refer to God as a judge and asks him to set him free and let his freezing dirty soul get warm in hell?

“Fear might be the death of me, fear leads to anxiety”

The “Doubt” sounds more electric and after the thoughts about the Judge it’s logical to take some time and think about fears and doubts, what is wrong and what is right in our lives. And as we know Tyler is known for being a Christian, so it’s fair to guess that he refers to God, the Judge, again and asks him to not forget about him even when he doubts him, cause he is just a little scared child.

“I don’t know where you are, You’ll have to come and find me, find me”

“Polarize” sounds like something you can hear in a common night club at first, but the lyrics and Tyler’s scream by the end of the song makes you change your mind. Listen to this song and imagine Tyler continuing his conversation with God.

“I need to know that when I fail you’ll still be here,’Cause if you stick around I’ll sing you pretty sounds, and we’ll make money selling your hair”

And the cheerful instrumentals are back with “We don’t believe what’s on TV”. You can think this song is about your love, you can think it is about your faith. It is a song about something or someone, who means the world to you. Someone who doesn’t make you want to die for, but who makes you want to live for.

“These lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand”

“Message man”, you sneaky! Going from electro to reggae bouncing, well done you. What about the lyrics? Well “These lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand” is more like you will understand it your way and keep it a secret.

“Where we’re from, there’s no sun our hometown’s in the dark”

I love the soft high vocals in the “Hometown”, continuing the conversation between the soul and its keeper.

“Listen, I know this one’s a contradiction because of how happy it sounds but the lyrics are so down”

“Not today” makes you dance and bang your head when Tyler shouts out words. The lyrics as Tyler sings truly are quiet depressive in comparison with the whole mood of the song, but hey, we got used to it already, right?

“I’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one I’m not,I’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one I’m not,I need your help to take him out”

The piano. The clean sound of the piano of the “Goner”. The beautiful end of the the beautiful story, told by the mysterious BlurryFace, you think as Tyler’s broken voice seeks for help from the above, but Then it crushes you with all his desperation, fears and rage by crying out “Don’t let me be (gone)”and then ends it all with the quiet but so emotional “(I want to be known by) you”. Masterpiece

I loved the album, but I want to highlight the three favorites for my playlist:
1. Goner – good old sadness
2. Tear in my heart – everybody wants to love
3. Ride – hello, Bob Marley

Blurryface is the shadow of Tyler, his insecure alter ego, who jumps in emotions from being scared or angry, or happy and in love. I feel like Tyler as a Christian is going through the phase of doubting his religion and desperately wants God to help him, to show him that he’s still there.
The instrumental part of the album is brilliant in its schizophrenic mix of genres as always, piano, ukulele, guitars and Josh Dun’s outstanding drums are always a pleasure.

By:Jaka Moldokulova