Songs to listen to RIGHT NOW!

Majority of these songs have been in heavy rotation on my music player for a while. Each song brings out a different emotion and mood. ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ is an energetic sing-along that you can pregame and party to. ‘Hallelujah’ has been stuck in my head ever since the APMA’s when Panic! At the Disco preformed. The way Brendon Urie danced and jammed to this very catchy tune made me instantly fall in love with this song (even though it’s been out since April). ‘The Divine Zero’ is the first song Pierce the Veil has dropped since their album, ‘Collide with the Sky’, that simply makes it amazing. We all know we are impatiently waiting for the release of their newest album! Fairly Local by TOP has an interesting sound that makes it addicting to listen to. The beat that Josh and Tyler create has a vibe that you can either jam out to in your car or casually listen to it while you are doing things around the house; either way this song is played at full volume. ‘Irresistible’ has been a song that’s been played regularly since I went to see Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa and Hoodie Allen a few weeks ago in concert. I was fairly surprised they played this song, but when they did, their presence on stage and the reaction to the crowd made me love it that much more. ‘Stitches’ is a more pop-radio song that I’ve been listening to lately. Shawn Mendes has a beautiful voice with a pretty face that makes a very catchy song. This is definitely a song for the younger group of readers and people who are into the lighter-hearted music scene. ‘Holy’ by PVRIS is an amazing song. Yet again, like Fall Out Boy’s ‘Irresistible’, when I saw PVRIS play ‘Holy’ for the first time ever (Lynn announced this herself at VA Beach, VA Vans Warped Tour), I loved it so much more. Lynn’s voice and power in this song really draws me to listen in. ‘Regenerate’ by WCAR is the first single off of their new self-titled album. With the similar sound we all know and love from We Came As Romans with the welcoming positive message, this song is a new addition to my favorites by them. ‘I’m Gonna Show You Crazy’ by the beautiful Miss Bebe Rexha is something that’s definitely on repeat on my iTunes, simply due to the fact that this song is so relatable. Bebe Rexha writes songs about what she knows and what people understand. ‘Shoot Em Down’ by Mod Sun is your basic summer jam. Mod Sun gives off the happy hippy ‘I-smoke-weed-everyday-and-I’m-happy-as-F*%K’ vibe that makes you want to listen to every single one of his songs while lying on the beach hanging with friends.

By: Michelle Harris