Citizen’s newest and second album, “Everybody Is Going to Heaven,” is a great one. With its brooding melodies and lyrics, the band strives to create a sound very different from the one introduced in their first album, “Youth.” The dark toned melodies that feature quiet singing of sad lyrics are meant to come across as intriguing, but instead sound depressing and tortured. His hush toned forces one to listen closely to really decode the meanings behind the songs, which made it really impossible to understand the subject of certain tracks. Within the album the songs vary from hard rock with screams of passion to ballads with minimal instruments and soft singing. The band is trying hard to create a diverse record, but instead creates a huge gap between song styles.
Heaviside and Yellow Love were by far my favorite songs because of their slow, soft guitar lines, but the quietness of the vocals made it impossible to understand the lyrics. Yellow Love was the same way, where the only words I could pick up were “love,” repeated over and over. These two songs require one to crank up the volume in their headphones, only to have their ears blown out by their successors; both songs are proceeded by hard rock tracks with heavy guitars and screaming vocals making the track arrangement seem created at random rather than strategically.
In an ocean of people trying to revive this style of music, Citizen is a breath of fresh air. It lacks a lot of the cheesy approach that many people have when attacking 90’s music, but they still failed at creating a truly lasting work of music. In fact, the songs that I downloaded from their album were their slow ballads, proving that perhaps they should stick to creating music like this in order to remain relevant in a world that is flooded by indie and pop records.

By: Andrea Carrera