Written By: Andrea Carrera

This album is reminiscent of the early 2000 pop punk era and the album plays back like a revival record. Though the bands’ songs are upbeat, they get lost among their unoriginal sound and lyrics that are seeping with teenage angst. In fact, one of the lines includes the signer talking about grabbing his book bag, when all members in the band are clearly well past that age. Tis makes for some songs that don’t sound genuine at all and their desire to write songs in the perspective of pubescent boys seems solely to appeal to younger fans or to channel the good old days of pop punk. Not to mention that the lyrics are all incredibly repetitive. .” The album does not demonstrate any form of variety and almost all the songs sound the same and it’s hard to distinguish “For Jennie” from “Man Overboard” as they both feature heavy guitar and two whiny lead singers complaining about a lost love. They are trying far too hard to try to achieve a sound that has long been left behind for modern alternative rock. Even Fall Out Boy let their “Sugar, We’re Going Down” sound on the shelf for more modern alternatives like their current hit “Uma Thurman

The album is short lived and not memorable, and it is also barely a good listen in the moment. The four chord progressions are cliché to say the least. However, it is not something I would actively recommend someone to listen to. It is hard to consider this band anything other than an imitation band of Blink 182. Pop punk was the music that we all listened to and thought was great when we were young, but Man Overboard has failed to achieve the standards that we hold this genre to. I found out difficult to listening to their cheesy, overdone music and I think it was a big failure for the band whose previous record was significantly better.