Written By: Andrea Carrera

Dark Before Dawn is Breaking Benjamin’s first album in six years and it was definitely worth the wait. The band has always been incredibly talented and their hard rock sound remains strong and their lyrics remain strong. The album begins with an intro that presents the tone of the album with its dark melodies and hard rock sound. It’s exactly how I would expect a comeback album from the Pennsylvania band to begin. Their single off the album, “Failure,” is doing very well and is the second track off their newest album. The lyrics of this song are within the same theme of past songs, like their hit single “Diary of Jane,” which is being unable to control something and feeling helpless.
Even though it’s the within the same theme Brunley does manage to steer away from repetition. “Ashes of Eden” is a perfect example of this which is essentially a heartbreaking love song that seems like it could be played at the end of a TV show. It’s a nice change of pace for the band, but it still sounds like a Breaking Benjamin song, something that is difficult to attain when flirting with other genres. The songs on the album are incredibly diverse. They feature instrumental songs with guitar lines that swim around in your mind like “Dawn” and strong hard rock songs like “Who Wants To Live Forever” that remind us how Breaking Benjamin got started.
The best part of this new, comeback album is perhaps the vocals. Brunley’s vocals are strong as always, but the backup vocals strengthen each song in a way that was not present before. The greatness of this album is that it manages to represent the hard rock genre without sounding cheesy, something that is incredibly difficult to do. The album was definitely worth the wait and I am happy to see that they have developed their sound, but stuck to their roots.