What is better than a concert? A free concert that is! The Maine has always been a band to think “outside the box” so to speak. They have always put their fans first and what a way to give back. The entire tour was inspired by the massive support the band has had over the past 8 years. This tour was for the fans who attend every concert in their area and for the fans that may not be able to afford coming to a show. It was their way as a band to give back to the fans whom without wouldn’t be where they are today. The locations for each show they announced were not the typical venues, such as The Ready Room in St.Louis where they played earlier this year in April. This time they were playing just over the river in Godfrey, IL at Lewis and Clark Community College.  By the time I arrived for the show there was already a line, overhearing conversations, I learned that some had been waiting in line since 10 o’clock that morning. That is dedication!


When the doors opened, the crowd flocked into the Hatheway Culture Center and picked their spots. The vibe from the room almost made you feel like you were about to watch a movie with the seats. Of course that didn’t stop the crowd from getting up and dancing along with Beach Weather, who opened the show with some catchy tunes from their debut EP “What A Drag”. It was hard not to dance along. Nick Santino, Reeve Powers, Austin Scates and Ian Holubiak put together this wonderful band that I am sure will keep fans wanting more and wishing it was summer year round. Just like many others I am anxious to see where this band goes, because they can only go up from here.


There was a momentary break between each band to break down and set up instruments. But when the lights dimmed, the fans were already off their feet anxiously awaiting The Maine. They are always a treat because you can see how much passion they have for what they do and their stage presence is top notch. The band performed many favorites, some new and some throwbacks from 8 years ago. There also was a mash up of “Whoever She Is” and the Backstreet Boys’ famous song, “As Long As You Love Me”. If you follow the band on Instagram you saw where that show was dedicated to Howie from the Backstreet Boys. How could you forget him, John? Fans new and old experienced something special that evening. The energy was at an all-time high, and it is something you can always expect at a show featuring The Maine. The show ended with “Another Night On Mars” as fans swayed back and forth singing as loud as they could. There is one part of the song that I really do believe summed up the entire evening, “I do not think I would be here if not for them.”

There are many people who made this show come together, but it would not have been possible without two main factors, the band and the fans. There is a special connection that is shared between them and it should never change because of fame or money.  “With friends like ours anywhere is home.” Be sure to check the remaining dates of the Free for All Tour, to find out where they will be at next.

Photos&Review by: Cassie Deadmond