There are millions of YouTube singers and bands, they cover songs and write their own, they have freedom to do whatever they want because they are independent from producers (well, in most of the cases). That is why we love them and have our favorite ones. Now I want to share with you my top 10 Youtube singers and bands.


Juliana makes trippy covers for different types of songs and she has an album too, which is called “Slow Love”. Her music sounds like if retro songs were covered by aliens from future or in other words, her music sounds like hippie on drugs.

9.Corey  Grey

He is quite popular on YouTube and also has a record deal, but mostly I enjoy his covers, his voice is gentle and sounds like home, gentle electric guitars add more attractiveness to the popular songs like the ones of Weeknd’s and Flo Rida’s.

 8.Jonathan Young

He is a songwriter and a producer. He makes rock and metal versions of pop songs and sometimes covers Disney and other cartoon songs. And yes, he has album, which is called “Far from blue”.


His name is Per Fredrik and he is a Norwegian actor, singer and composer, do I have to say more? His cold Scandinavian appearance and deep voice make girls scream and fangirl. As a bonus, he makes covers for songs from cartoons and anime.

6.Daniella Andrade

She’s a singer, musician and a songwriter. She posts calm, feminine versions of songs on YouTube, and she is as pretty as her covers are.

5.I am Kawehi

She got me at her Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” cover, which is as passionate as the original but in female version it sounds even dirtier. Her Nirvana cover went viral and people started wondering who she is. No wonder, she creates music by herself, using loops, effects and a keyboard AND sings.

 4.Ten Second Songs

Oh this guy, he covers one song using styles of different bands and you can hear how a regular pop song suddenly starts to sound like Disturbed, Iron Maiden and Frank Sinatra.


I found them recently and they made it to my playlist really fast. They add some nostalgic feel to the songs they cover, using music and vocals only, I don’t know how but their covers sound warm and cozy.

2.Twenty One Two

Two young musician from Sweden make pop punk, rock and just acoustic covers, which sound even better that the originals. Their covers can make you jump and dance or lay down on the floor and cry, and that’s what the real music is about.

1.Frog Leap Studios

Here is my favorite one, finally and I’m so excited to share my obsession with the world! Leo Morachiolli runs “Frog Leap Studios” and makes everything metal. He sings and shreds, his covers are not only enjoyable to listen to, but also fun to look at  (if looking at the screen instead of jumping and head banging like cray cray) because his face expressions are priceless. And the cutest part is that he involves his daughter in some of his videos

Story By: Jaka Moldokulova