Some people call them Lana Del Rey wannabes, but others see something more behind that “being all vintage, sad and depressed” trend in pop-culture. They are talented songwriters and musicians and they are unique, for sure.

The bubblegum bitch Marina and the Diamonds, or Marina Lambrini Diamandis, brings us the vintage femininity and the modern feminism, she combines those contrasts together and makes it smooth. She is a Welsh singer and songwriter well known for her “Prima donna” single, which was so popular that it became annoying. But after discovering her other works, you start to realize that she is not just another pop-star, she is a professional with her own style, which is weird to be compared to Lana’s as her career started even earlier.

The name of “Lorde” is huge nowadays and it is not surprising. Her debut single “Royals” was nominated for the Grammy award for the song of the year and it was just the beginning. The singer from New Zealand is conquering the world using her deep rich voice and original lyrics. Her debut album “Pure Heroine” was released in 2013, but she continues working on her music and her “Yellow Flicker Beat” single was released as the soundtrack for the “Hunger games: Mockingjay – Part 1”.

Halsey with her retro styled vocals and the 90’s grunge look with green pixie haircut says that she writes songs about “sex and being sad”. Her music is diverse. It was influenced by the music tastes of her parents. Her father was into hip-hop, while her mother preferred post-punk and grunge. Her videos are just an aesthetic pleasure to watch. Music videos for the “Room 93” EP songs were connected with each other. The “New Americana” music video from latest album “Badlands” also made a hook for the audience by ending with the beginning of the next song from the album.

Melanie Martinez is that innocent doll in a pretty dress, who wakes up at night and watches you while you sleep. She has that creepy aura combined with a baby doll appearance. She was noticed during “The Voice” TV-show. After the show, she released the “Dollhouse” debut single, which opened her dark style to the audience. Her “Carousel” song was featured in the “American Horror Story: Freak Show” and it made the AHS fans fall in love with her. Her album “Cry baby” was released on  August 14, 2015.



Written By: Jaka Moldokulova