Recently the vocalist of Wisconsin’s own Versus Me, spoke with us here at Ampedsound.net about the quick success of the band and what kind of things they have in the works. Starting only a year ago, Versus Me has played big festivals like Sonic Boom as well as Warped tour when they stopped in Milwaukee. With such a competitive music scene, you can bet that Versus Me will not get lost in the dust, but rather be leading the race.


Versus Me just turned one, are you surprised by how fast the band  has taken off?

James Milbrandt:I’d say I’m definitely surprised by how fast things have been taking off since we first released the group. We were extremely excited about our first our first song/video we released. We wanted to come out with a bang and luckily enough for us, people enjoyed it just as much as we did! Hopefully things continue to keep going up from here!


Has anyone in Versus Me been in another band before?

We’ve actually all been in other groups before. For most of us, this was our chance to take all of the experience that we gained from previous projects and utilize it with this group. We’ve all learned from some of the mistakes we made with our previous groups and we used that knowledge to start things off right with Versus Me.


How was it to play in front of thousands at Sonic boom?

Sonic Boom was an incredible experience…one that none of us will soon forget. Playing for that many people in our hometown has been a dream for us. The magnitude of that show was something that we’ve been preparing for since we started this group. It was a show that we were looking forward to for months. Everyone at 94.1 WJJO has been so amazing to our band and we cannot say thank you enough for what they’ve done!

Photo by: Elizabeth Wadium

Photo by: Elizabeth Wadium

With such an interesting name such as Versus Me, is there a meaning behind it?

Yes, Versus Me is all about internal conflict. We all have some sort of problems that we’re dealing with and I think at the time the band formed, it felt like a name that really meant something to each of us.


Out of all of the shows you all have done, what would you say your favorite crowd was?

Sonic boom has been the favorite so far. Having so many people in the crowd know our songs and singing along is incredible.

Photo By: Rosario Gutierrez

Photo By: Rosario Gutierrez

Is Versus me working on any new music?

We’re always working on new music! We have about 9 tracks already completed, as well as 5 more that we are finishing up. It’s like a constant cycle of new music. It’s exciting to see keep the ball rolling and coming up with fresh, new ideas.


What was the inspiration to create the band?

The love of music is what drew us all in! That and being able to share it and connect with people who are also as passionate about this type of music as we are. Getting to see and hear fans reactions to new material and reading all the things people have to say is a rewarding thing. Good or bad…the fact that people are listening is what makes us happy.


Can your fans expect any shows in the near future?

We’re in the stages of booking up December and January at the moment. October is going to be a time of studio work and writing for the moment….the more behind the scenes stuff. But the end of the year, beginning of next year is when we’ll be hitting shows hard again!


If a new band asked you for advice, what would you tell them?

Surround yourself with people that have the same common goals as you! Make sure everyone is on the same page. Get a good recording of your music!! Take time to write good songs and practice, practice, practice! Treat your band like a business and make smart decisions! And above all, be passionate about what you’re doing.

One last thing, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

We would like to thank everyone for their continuous support over the last year! We want you to know that this journey is as much yours as it is ours. We’ve still got quite the journey ahead of us but as long as you guys are behind us, we’ll take this as far as humanely possible! Thank you all, and be on the lookout for our debut album soon enough.


Photo by: Elizabeth Wadium

Photo by: Elizabeth Wadium