Copacetic  is the debut studio album by American Pop Punk band Knuckle Puck. But before I go into that I want to provide some background. I was a kid in the “golden age” of pop punk so when I think about pop punk I’m thinking of New Found Glory’s Sticks and Stones  (2002)  and Fall Out Boy’s Take This to Your Grave  (2003). These albums are known today as two of the most monumental , influential albums in the genre. Fast forward to 2015, I login to my spotify account, throw on a pair of my favorite headphones and experience the evolution and progression of pop punk that is Knuckle Puck ‘s Copacetic. I’m floored; this album captures the energy and lyrical aggression that is so familiar while brandishing a new, unpolished, rough sound. This isn’t your sweetened , radio friendly 5 Seconds of Summer. Though this album falls more along the lines of pop than punk as opposed to they’re prior EP releases ;with album singles like “Disdain” and “True Contritedo not make the mistake of taking this band lightly.


My favorite track on this studio album is “Untitled” not just for the lyrical content, though anyone who has ever had a broken heart could find solace in it, but for how the lyrics are so well carried and demonstrated in the raging guitar tones and soft melody heard through out the track. That classic quiet-loud dynamic and the strong vocal delivery is so well portrayed that it’s hard not to fall in love with the track and even a little bit with the vocalist himself. So don’t sleep on Knuckle Puck because these guys are going to lead us into the pop punk revival and I wouldn’t miss it for anything!



Review and Photo by: Devin Muffley

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