Rise Against w/ Killswitch Engage & Letlive; The Tabernacle 11/13/15

The Tabernacle is a fairly large concert venue located in Atlanta Georgia .Formally the Baptist Tabernacle and House of Blues , it is now successfully managed by Live Nation housing notable acts, Guns N’ Roses , Adele, Alice in Chains, and many more. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Rise Against, Killswitch Engage, and letlive.
Letlive or letlive. , was the post-hardcore band from LA; opening for Rise Against. I’m guilty of not knowing who letlive is but I would not say it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The onstage chemistry between the band members and the energy and vocal performance by Jason Aalon Alexander Butler was enough to peak my interest. At the end of the set they announced the attacks in Paris, this was the first I heard of the incident(s) and it absolutely set the mood for the night as the other acts took time to discuss the events as well. To deny the effects of the Paris attack would take away from how incredible the performances were that night; it absolutely set the tone and made the concert about togetherness and unity and not just performance. If you are looking for some radio friendly but heavy,energetic rock; letlive. is a great band to experience live and that same energy is so well captured on they’re albums, I would highly recommend The Blackest Beautiful (2013).
The next act was the seasoned, metalcore band Killswitch Engage from Massachusetts . These guys are really talented metal musicians, with heavy riffs, killer pinch harmonics and powerful vocals. It’s no wonder they are still around melting faces. They opened the set by playing lil’ John “Turn Down For What”, and I knew I was in for a good time. They played they’re most popular tracks i.e. My Curse , The End Of Heartache , This Fire , In Due Time and many more; but thankfully, no Holy Diver.
Last but obviously not least,Rise Against. a melodic hardcore band from Chicago. These guys were passionate. One of things people really like about hardcore is the raw energy and unpolished sound that so accurately communicates the bands stance and experiences to a community of listeners who typically fall in line with the same agenda. Now what’s so intriguing about Rise Against is they’ve taken that hardcore stance adding melody, bringing in a bigger audience of folks from all over, every age, to join in this experience, unifying everyone in regards to topics that really matter.
Playing fan favorites Give It All, Dancing For Rain, Prayer Of The Refugee, and Savior ; It wasn’t hard to lose yourself in the music and reflect on the past. Vocalist, Tim McIlrath decided to take a moment to discuss the tragedy that was unfolding in Paris and dedicate Swing Life Away to the victims and survivors of the attacks in a personal, acoustic performance. Later in the night the band performed hit single Ready To Fall editting the song structure to allow the crowd of fans to scream “Ready to fall!” in unison multiple times.This was an incredible experience. A band that can perform with a purpose and express it with such positivity, using music as a tool to educate, will continue to suceed and have unwavering fans. I would highly recommend checking out this tour, it was an experience I’ll never forget.


Review and Photos By: Devin Muffley