Panic at The Disco has gone through a lot of different changes in the past 12 years on its existence. From lineup changes to changing their sound for certain albums, let’s face it they have done a lot. 5 albums and 2 Eps later (along with some Live albums) and we can assume they are still going strong. Their latest release, “Death of a Bachelor” has an array of different kind of songs on it. Brendon Urie really shows his diversity on this album, being able to mix all different kinds of musical elements to make an amazing album. This album seems to have embodied a mixture of his other albums, as well as some new inspiration, which I feel was the point.

The album starts out with Victorious which was released to us early. It did take me a few listens to really get into this song, but as soon as I was, it was on repeat for the longest time. I feel like the tone of “Victorious” was a great way to start the album off. It hooked people in, so that they would want to listen to the rest of it.

The first 5 songs were actually released early to the public, making fans think they knew the direction the album was going in, but he went more than one place with that, and maybe normally that wouldn’t work well, it did with this album.

All of the songs on this album are worth spending hours talking about. I could make this review really long just talking about all the aspect of each song that made them perfect. I feel like at LEAST one of these songs will make it to the radio, and if not? Then they are missing out on real music.

When it comes to music videos from this album, “Emperor’s New Clothes” takes the award. This music video was set to take place after “This is Gospel”, where Brendon dies and thinks he arrived in Heaven, only to be dropped down to Hell and turning into a demon. From the story line to Brendon’s acting, this video was a stroke of genius.


5 out of 5 Stars

Must listen to “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time”,”House of Memories”, and “Death of a Bachelor”

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Review by Danielle Rhew