Recently we talked with the members of Theody, a Christian rock band from Fayetteville Arkansas. Theody is composed of 3 members. Lauren is the vocalist, Adam who plays guitar/keys, as well as Charles on the bass. When asked about Theory’s origin story Lauren was quick to tell us how it all started out. “I decided to pursue music again after my high school punk rock band dissolved. I booked a solo gig at a festival but then asked some friends to play with me. We all had a good time and decided to form a band and keep playing.

Where did the name Theody come from?

I literally found it on a list of obscure words, it means “a Hymn Praising God”. We liked it and it wasn’t taken already.

The members of Theody are inspired by many different artist, some being, Icon for Hire, Breaking Benjamin, Red, The wedding and even Memphis May Fire.

 If you could perform with any band, who would it be?   

 Charles: The Wedding. Then I could die happy.


Many bands have preshow rituals; things they do to get them ready to perform live in front of the crowd. Theody is no exception to this.
We make a point to pray as a group right before we go on stage, Adam crawls into his sensory deprivation coffin at least an hour before our set time (takes a nap) and Lauren cries in the van (warms up vocals)

The Recently released a single called “Define the Relationship”, which according to Adam is a play on the term “DTR”, which is when you come to the crossroad in a relationship where you figure out where you stand, and that can be any relationship, a relationship with another person and/or with Jesus.

Do you have any special writing techniques?

Lauren: Lately I’ve been getting inspiration from the books I’ve been reading. Define the Relationship came from me reading “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman

At the moment, Theody are putting the finishing touches on a new full length album. They are using a popular crowdfunding site called, Indiegogo, to help raise funds for the rest of the album. You can find that link Here  It ends on February 10th.

In a zombie Apocalypse, who would live the longest?

Charles: Stephen without a doubt would last the longest. Adam; He’s the unknown member of the band. Lauren: He’s not unknown, everyone knows the beard, just not his name… Adam: no seriously Charles would survive the longest.

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Interview done by: Danielle Rhew