Simple Plan has come a long way since tracks like “Perfect” and “Welcome to my Life”. With 17 years and 4 almost 5 studio albums, they definitely deserve credit for making it this long. If that wasn’t impressive enough, they have all 5 of the original members. Bands usually go through members when a falling out happens, or when a member wants to focus on other things, But the members of Simple Plan stuck together through the years.

Their new album “Taking One for The Team” has much more of an upbeat tone to it. This is their fifth studio album over the course of 17 years and they are still going strong.

The album starts off with the early released track, “Opinions Overload”. What first grabs my attention in this track are the drums. They help set the tone for this song first, then combined with guitar and then the lyrics, it makes this song a great way to start out this album.

When “Boom!” was released, my inner 12-year-old self, screamed. We hadn’t heard a lot from/about them up till that point, then BAM, they released an upbeat love song, which used a lot of artists from the alternative genre in the debut music video. This song has a certain “sing-along” element that would be prefect for live shows. This is a flip side to their old songs such as, “Your Love Is a Lie” off of their self-titled album.

Simple plan featured a notable and unexpected artist on this album, Nelly. I would have never expected a collaboration with these two, but it actually meshes really well. The song “I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed” is a radio worthy song, based on its up-beat pop beats and catchy lyrics. Nelly’s voice complements Pierre’s perfectly and gives the song more diversity.

While some may think that Simple Plan has changed, or that they may have “sold out”, I feel that they have just grown up. This album shows that you can go from just being a kid, to being in love and happy with life.


Notable tracks: Boom! | I Don’t Wanna Be Sad | Kiss Me Like Nobody’s Watching


The album comes out February 19th make sure to pick up a copy!


Album Review by: Danielle Rhew