Hands Like Houses is an Australian post hardcore band formed in 2008. Signed to Rise Records, They will be releasing their third full length album Dissonants, tomorrow February 26th . We here at Ampedsound.net were lucky enough to get our hands on the release a little early!

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed post hardcore music as a teenager I was extremely excited to hear what the guys in HLH have been working on. Unimagine was a highly acclaimed debut album released in 2013, with tracks like Introduced Species and Shapeshifters the band finally received the recognition they deserved. Though they released a few of the tracks for Dissonants last year such as I Am and New Romantics , those tracks were only a tease to the rest of the album. Immediately after finishing my first play through the album it was clear that these guys were staying true to the HLH sound but also maturing and breaching the walls of the post-hardcore by embracing a hard rock sound that could be seen as an attempt to reach a larger fan base. Just as we’ve all grown older and matured so do our favorite bands and artist’s; these guys created an ample amount of change while maintaining a sufficient amount of sameness.
With that being said, I would highly recommend this album to long time fans and first time listeners alike. This album is high energy rock and a real breath of fresh air among the current releases ruling the airways. You can check out the latest album teaser Colourblind their website http://handslikehouses.net/. You can also stream the album upon release as well as purchase online via Itunes, Google Play, and their official site noted above.

Review By: Devin Muffley