The Strokes are known for going from a poppy to a hard rockin’ style, in the same album.  Though some think they are just a mediocre band that gets over-hyped, they deserve the praise they get.  Their first album is a gem to say the least.  These New York City boys gave us something that we hoped wasn’t the last of “it”.

         Is This It was released in July of 2001 and it had enough media for anyone to be jealous.  The album is smack full of upbeat indie rock tracks.  It may sound like an old 70’s record found in the dollar section of a record shop, but The Strokes are not from 1970.  They are a 21st Century band and their old sound makes them unique.  They are not “geniuses” or “amazing”, they are a simple modern rock band.  They play as if the last two decades had never occurred.

Thirty seven minutes of pure post-punk pleasure is what this album is.  Perhaps most displayed by the fifth track of Someday. This song is one you would listen to on a road trip right when you are getting bored.  It has the perfect balance of hard drums and elegant guitar riffs.  Casablancas’s garage-rock style vocals provide an interesting contrast to the track.  This is one of the greatest songs off of the album and one of the greatest The Strokes have released.

To say that Trying Your Luck is the slowest and most depressed song on the record is saying something.  It’s slightly elongated riffs are the only display of this.  It starts off and you would think it’s a Killers song!  Though the tune soon proves its strength when Casablancas’s vocals bombard the guitar.  The story of the pretty boy wannabe willing to beg, borrow, and bleed for every beautiful woman is a charmer at the least,

In the plethora of groups from New York, you can not deny that The Strokes are one hell of a band. Their debut paved the way for the rest of their work.  Is This It may have gotten more hype than JFK, but it was well worth it.  Before you judge The Strokes, take a listen.

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Review by: Molly Troxclair