The Dark Matter Tour made a stop in St. Louis on March 1st. I must say it was a great way to start off the busy month of concerts for me! St. Louis is known for the large support of  the local scene, this show was no different with Torn At The Seams and Reconcera. Both bands got a great response from the crowd and I am sure walked away with a few new fans (including myself). From
someone who works with local bands, it is quite refreshing to be in a community where instead of putting someone down for their dream of being in a band, we support them in their journey.
Out Came the Wolves were up next and this was the first time I had ever seen the band live. I was quite impressed with them and was also a band that walked away with a new fan from the show. The leader singer had quite the stage presence and proved that rock n roll is not going anywhere anytime soon. Out Came The Wolves seemed to have been a perfect fit for this tour with Fit For
The King and The Word Alive. For a Tuesday night show the amount of energy the fans had was impressive.
Fit For A King then came on stage and they are not new to the St. Louis crowds. The massive amounts of Fit For A King tees and hoodies I saw just walking around the venue, proves just how welcoming St. Louis is to these group of guys. Of course there was no surprise once their set kicked in; they were very connected with the fans. Almost getting caught in a pop up mosh pit, those are a thing apparently; no matter how many times I have seen these guys, I am always blown away by them. Don’t sleep on this band.
The anticipation for The Word Alive was evident at The Ready Room, whether it was people talking about what songs they hope they sing or just how close they could getto the barricade. Whatever the conversation was, it was clear that St. Louis had been awaiting this show since it was announced. I haveto point how that the lighting on the Dark Matter Tour was so impressive, so kudos to the lighting guy,you rock! It only added that much more to the already fun show. Telle has always been one of the most energetic vocalists, even battling being sick, he still had everyone hanging on every single lyric! Most would back down or reschedule the show, which is just another example of how much these bands adore and respect their fans. The Word Alive did not let us down as they performed many fan favorites such as 2012, Life Cycles and The Hounds of Anubis. Along with fan favorites they also performed plenty of new tracks from their upcoming full length album Dark
Matter such as Trapped, Sellout and Made This Way. All in which you can purchase and listen to now! Overall the Dark Matter Tour did not let me or St. Louis down. It was super fun and I can’t wait to see this tour package along with many other bands at the So What?! Festival on Marc 19-20. I also recommend if the Dark Matter Tour is coming out to attend it because
you will leave wanting more!