Pound of Flesh is a Electric alternative rock band from Chicago. If they had to explain their music to someone, DJ would say its like Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson had a child, while Al would describe it as Dance Metal.

What has inspired you to be the band you are today?

Darrell:Each other. We’ve grown over the past 4 years together and everyones contributions have made us what we are today

In life, obsticals are bound to happen, especially in the music world. whether it be writers block, or a broken down van. Pound of Flesh is no exception. When asked what was the biggest obstical you face in the music industry, Steven said

“Finding the people who will screw you the least, which is not cynical, just reality.Making money in a world that believes that music should be free.”

“Pound Of Flesh” seems like an unusual name for an electronic hard rock band. What made you choose this name?

Darrell: It comes from William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Which is both a comedy and tragedy. I felt the name captured what the music is all about. Dark but with a sense of humor.

Any interesting tour stories or horror stories?

Darrell: Horror story. The last show of the 2003 Ministry tour we played some venue in Jacksonville Florida that didn’t have electricity. We waited for hours for a generator to arrive. It finally showed up 30 minutes before curfew. (all ages show) Al was pissed so we played over 3 hours to piss off the promoter. Everyone in the band and crew were so over it. The most important thing I learned from that man was what not to do. And Don’t burn bridges is a great lesson to learn.


What is the worst venue or gig you have played?

Steven: So, we are walking into the venue the night of the gig at a well-known Chicago bar, that none of us had ever been to, and we start looking around for the stage – completely confused by the setup. They point us to this tiny dancefloor which has a 3-foot wall around it and tell us that is where we are playing. The show must go on, so we setup to do a soundcheck and then find out that everything on stage will be run from one 3-prong extension cable run from the bar. Next was the fact that the sound system was not grounded and anyone who touched a mic on stage was shocked… BADLY! Not a little static shock to the lip, it was total ‘jump back from pain’, which went on the whole night as you watched the other bands on stage try desperately to not touch the mics and the instant comradery you felt when you saw the reaction as it happens to another. It didn’t help that the sound was horrible so you didn’t have a choice but to get closer to the mics. Oh, yeah, and I never did find out what happened, but during out set the electrical sent my setup into a tailspin as equipment started failing—I barely made it through the entire set.

What inspired the songs on the Refills album?

Darrell: Steve started doing remixes of the songs from “Pills” not to release, just to add what he felt should be in the songs. They came out so great we had to put them out.

What are your individual personal favorite tracks on Refills?

Darrell: Believe. It was one of those songs I wrote in like 5 minutes and I hated. Lol But people at live shows loved it so we had to play it at every show. It wasn’t until Steve added all the additional keys and drum tracks that I liked it. Now It’s one of my favorite POF songs. Lol

Steven: Everybody – but ask me again in another week as it just depends on the moment.

Michael: I’ve been listening to the remixes of Ready to Go and Army of Me a lot, lately!

Al: Army of Me and Live Fast.

What makes Pound Of Flesh different from anything else out there?

Darrell: The combination of Industrial and Rock is always good but with POF, there’s also a Pop sensibility that adds a certain energy and catchiness to the songs. Even the deep cuts get stuck in your head for days!

Steven: We don’t have our feet firmly planted in any specific genre. There are definitely EDM, industrial, and pop aspects of our tracks, but there is also metal/rock, punk, rockabilly… and we have a sound that is all of these things and is still recognizable as POF.

As individual’s, what are your biggest influences musically?

Darrell: I like a lot of different music but I don’t feel that what I write is influenced by any bands or music. One of my favorite bands is Iron Maiden but I doubt you could hear that in a POF song. I’m influenced by all that surrounds me. Good, bad and ugly.

Steven: Tough, just because you worded it as “are” instead of “were.” I enjoy a wide variety of music, but I don’t know if that really translates into influences. Most of the music that I think influence what I am doing NOW is music from my past—Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche Mode, Blancmange, Recoil… I listen to current music, I just don’t know if any of it influences what I do except for the possibility of specific types of sounds or production techniques.

Michael: Gary Numan, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids, Rammstein, Christian Death, Ministry…

Al: My influences are wide ranging. For guitar it’s Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Django Rienhardt, Jeff Beck and John Lee Hooker. For our style of music, definitely NIN.

What difference’s should listener’s look out for on the next album?

Darrell: The next album is definitely more Electronic. There’s still rock aspects and the tongue and cheek attitude which POF has come to be know for. But more of the dance feel that our latest release “Refills” contains. Steve did an amazing job on those remixes and he’s been adding so much to the new material that has been blowing the whole band away. We’re calling this year is the year of Steve. Lol Last year was the year of Al. We wen’t from two guitarist to one in 2014 and Al stepped up and took ownership contributing nicely to POF.

If you could be a villain, what would your power/ name be.

Darrell: Probably not considered a villain in some parts of the world but I’d be The Destroyer. Able to destroy corrupt governments, religions, terrorists, bad cops with a single thought.

Steven: I’d be “Shatner” with the ability to make people lose all control of their bodily functions. I mean, there isn’t much that would be funnier than my arch enemy shitting himself uncontrollably while attempting a mighty hero pose, or trying to score with the damsel in distress, or saving the day… all while I just walk away, laughing hysterically.

Michael: Magneto


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Interview by: Devin