Earlier this week Jack Barakat, guitarist from the band All Time Low (ATL), tweeted about listening to Dirty Work, All Time Low’s fourth full-length studio album. Although this record had some commercial success debuting at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and charting in the top 20 in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, this record is looked at by most fans as the least favorite record the four boys from Baltimore, MD have put out. So I decided to go back in, 5 years after the initial release, and write this weeks #TBT album review about this release!



Dirty Work is the only record that has been put out by All Time Low on a major record label (Interscope) thus came all of the “sell out” jokes thrown that way. Looking at the first single “I Feel Like Dancin”, you could definitely hear something different about the band. But locking that song away and throwing away the key, I personally think that Dirty Work has some amazing songs! “Time Bomb” was the first song of the album that everyone heard and set the bar for everyone’s expectations of the album. The fast, fun, jam is a love song about two people going into a relationship that they think might not work out but they are going to ride it out until they are forced apart. It’s a fan favorite song that is really the only song ATL still plays live off of Dirty Work.


Then my personal favorite off of the record is Heroes. I love this song, when I first heard it played live it was at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. It was one of the last sets of the night and I had little to know energy left, but I was still standing in the middle of a pit full of kids giving out their last bit of energy. About halfway through the set I was about ready to just head back to the seats in the amphitheater and watch the last few songs there. Then ATL started playing Heroes. The energy that this song has lifted me up, I ran around a circle pit and survived the rest of my night at Warped. Not only does this show how good of a live band that ATL are, this shows how great of a song that really is.


So the big take away from this today is, get rid of all of those preconceived notions that you might have against Dirty Work, overall it is a pretty solid record. Go pop it in the CD player in your car, or if you’re not an old man like me, plug in the aux cord, and give this record another shot!

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-TL Dickens