Albany, NY’s indie-pop outfit, Lucky Jukebox Brigade just dropped their latest effort in the form of a riveting EP, aptly-titled: “Savage Fantastic.”  Helmed from the finely-tuned song-craft of founding-member and ukulele-wielding singer, Deanna DeLuke, the new EP invokes thematic-expression in the form of: determination at any cost.

Selling itself on the grounds of a fully-realized stream-of-consciousness, “Savage Fantastic” bares no reverence to the limitations of a single unified premise.  The record merely flies by the-seat-of-its-pants, stopping only to focus on what matters; a soulful journey playing to the most earnest of sensibilities: longing and a chance to discover oneself in the midst desperation and tribulation.

Hoisted by it’s towering-opener, “Little Fangs,” the titular-track is cut from the same cloth as familiar contemporaries: Arcade Fire and even the lyrical prowess donned by The New Pornographers.  It’s a take-no-prisoners motif coupled by discernment that drives this track into the depths of pop-punk glee.  Issuing lines such as: “hold still, fade to black… safe-envisions of you as I lie in the wake of the aftermath,” optimism as promise open the doors to uncharted waters.

Painted on a flowery-canvas, the production is clear and undeniably terse in the face of adversity.  Lucky Jukebox Brigade know their terrain and prevail accordingly thanks to a fully-seasoned array of accompanying musicians to flesh-out an eclectic-blend of artistry: Geppi Iaia plucking-fervently on bass, Drummer Michael DeMarco setting the solid-groove for direction, Jimmy Affatigato churning melodies via guitar/horns, and Chris Weatherly providing an aura through layered-synths/keys.  While poignant in their diverse-dimensons of sound, these vegan-guru’s of Albany carve their signature-niche according to “no-man’s rules” in a sonic-landscape prone to following the crowd.

Review by- Nathan Porter

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