What do you mean you drove 9+ hours to Dallas, TX for a music festival?! That seemed like the ongoing question I had been receiving ever since returning home to good ole Illinois. Quite frankly the memories you make on a road trip like that are priceless. I was fortunate enough to attend So What?! Music Festival for a second year in a row, after discovering it last year and falling in love with the overall concept. So What?! Music Fest was originally called South By So What, making obvious fun of the South by South West that happens the same weekend in Austin, TX. It is almost a teaser of what is to come for that upcoming music festival within this part of the music scene. Bands each and every year strive to be a part of what is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Might I add it is ran by some of the most passionate people in this business, those who love music and want to give back to the community that gave them the opportunity to do what they love.


Photo By: Caitlyn Siedner

With the festival only being two days this year whereas last year it was 3-days, there were no big changes as far as the layout or amount of people. In fact I believe there were more people this year than last year, but that is just a guess on my part! With some of the headliners like New Found Glory, Saosin and probably the biggest surprise, Underoath, who wouldn’t want to travel to the awesome city of Dallas, TX to experience this one of a kind festival?


Photo By: Caitlyn Siedner

Day 1 of 2 – The anticipation for this day had been building up for months ever since the lineup was announced back in November, maybe October. It certainly did not disappoint. There were many acts throughout the day that brought out the pop-punk lover in all of us. You were also introduced to bands you may not have even heard of or would have given the chance any other time. That is what is so special about festivals that are multiple days; you find new bands while waiting for another band to perform. Music is a beautiful thing. All of them brought unique things to the table; some brought the wall of death while others made you just want to sway with the music. There was something for everyone’s music taste.  Bands photographed: Capture The Crown, Secrets, Turnover, Slaves, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends and State Champs


Photo By: Caitlyn Siedner

Day 2 of 2 – I would just go out on a limb here and say the majority of people we asked answered with the same response as far as who they were excited to see and that was Underoath. When the lineup was announced and they were one of the first, I thought my news feed on both Twitter and Facebook was going to stop working for a second. Day two’s lineup was a lot of metalcore/metal acts which drew a much different crowd from the day before. I lost track of the amount of circle pits but at times there were multiple ones for one band. The crowd was just as active as they were on day one no matter who was playing there was a crowd. Underoath put on a fabulous show despite how cold it was for Texas in March. At the end of the night my fingers were frozen and I was shivering, but I still sang along because I was at my happy place. Bands photographed: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Fit For A King, The Word Alive and Beartooth.

Photo By: Cassie Deadmond

Photo By: Cassie Deadmond

Overall no matter where we come from as far as background, and no matter what we have going on in our daily lives, when you come out to a festival everyone is there for one purpose and that is music. You are able to leave your stress about school, work, family life, relationships, etc at the door for an entire day and just meet like-minded individuals who share the same feeling you do about music.  So What?! music festival is about leaving all of your problems at the venue door and just enjoying the music. There is no need to worry about any problem other than what bands you want to see. Expect me to be at next year’s festival, who knows maybe I will see you there!




Review by: Cassie Deadmond

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