2016 was a new beginning for many, but represented the end for some. This years marks the farewell season of American Idol, the show that has inspired singers to take a chance in the music industry for the past 14 years. American Idol may have been the first but it spurred the creation of shows such as America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and Rising Star. Each show places it’s own unique spin on things, and showcases a once random person’s talent to the world. These shows and their judges are very selective with the people they allow to compete. Sometimes judges take into account more than singing. Do they look like a star? Do they act like a star? But the big question is do they sound like a star? Or rather, do they sound like a rock star?


These shows aren’t just the start of a country, pop, or soul singer’s career, but have given rise to next generation rock musicians. Many of which were skipped over because they did not fit the stereotypical “idol image”, but they continued fighting for the music, a sentiment modern society is slowly losing. With a future as a musician being deemed as impractical countless dreams are crushed before true talent can be recognized. If you have ever questioned the purpose of these shows, that is it. These shows give musicians everywhere the chance to dip their toes into a vast pool of water, without drowning.If it’s a game of sink or swim I can assure you people like David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Caleb Johnson, James Durbin, and Adam Ezegelian are doing more than just staying afloat. Lets not forget Rising Star’s Jesse Kinch who showed the world what classic rock n’ roll was all about. Not everyone mentioned was an overall winner, but they made sure rock music was represented.

Michael Becker/Fox

For the longest time rock music had no voice in shows such as these until Adam took his place on the voice, and rock legend Steven Tyler was seated among the American Idol judge’s panel. Even Howard Stern, America’s Got Talent judge, noted the difficulty of bringing rock music into mainstream media as he spoke to an auditioning band stating “I know how hard it is to make it as a rock band.” So many fans wish to distance rock music from mainstream media, but it is okay for something to be liked, for something to be popular. These shows keep the dream of being a musician alive even when parents say music is not a career, even when teachers say it a 1 in a million chance. Shows like these make it a little more possible to live the dream. It’s time to let the world, Gene Simmons, and Tenacious D know that rock is most definitely, not dead.

Article By: Tiffany Acrey