Weezer has always had a strange place in the industry; they’re not that big but big enough for someone to know a song or two by them. Their nerdy and clean aesthetic made them stand out from other band in the same scene along with their light indie like sound that they’ve made them a household name over the years. Weezer’s sound has always been evolving while keeping the same alt rock style, they’ve made each album sound different than the last, records like Raditude and Hurley which both had a electronic tone was a departure from that alt rock nature.

On the heels of their fourth self titled album  and tenth album over all called the White album that follow suit of their other colored albums (Blue, Green and Red) have returned to a their classical head bobbing alt rock music.

The record opens up with California Kids a song that echoes the vibe that can be heard in their 1996 release Pinkerton, the grungy 90s rock style will have any long listeners hooked in almost instantly. They’ve moved back to how they initially sounded like when they first started and because of that, the nostalgia runs high. Thank God for Girls demonstrates lead singer and guitarist Rivers Cuomo ever expansive vocabulary and is easily a stand out track that people will look back upon, all three verses basically showcases almost iconic Cuomo’s vocal. The low point, is the song  Do You Want to Get High while it being the only boring song to me, it perfectly shows the band working together in sync. This trait can be heard even better in the second half of the record, King of the World shows guitarist Brian Bell along with Cuomo share riffs back and forth that can make like myself sway his up and down out of enjoyment. Another stand out track and my personal favorite is Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori shows the staple innocent, simple and old school Weezer that fans have grown to known to like over the last two decades. The catchy chorus which I found myself singing along too around the third time listening to the album, filled with teenage angst and a guitar solo that made it a perfect song for an almost perfect album. After a the first few listens the album grew on me, Weezer to me is a hit or miss, not one album is perfect but they have a few good songs on every album which brought me in to listen to them in the first place, but this being the first album I’ve listened front and back at one made me see how different they are from other bands like the Foo Fighters who are just as relevant as them. The White album is a welcome back to the old better Weezer, which any long time listener be appreciated of, but on the other hand the record is filled with songs that many new listeners can hold on to and come back to and listen to their back catalogue

Check out Weezer’s new self titled album called The White Album on April 1st .

Review By: Raza Malik

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