In case you missed it, but New Jersey trio Lost in Society is going to be the next big thing in the punk scene. With their release of Modern Illusion they aren’t holding anything back, with big punk rock anthem choruses that fill your headphones, and songs that will make you sing along ,will make you a fan in no time and leave you wanting more.

Zach Moyle guitarist and vocalist shows off his vocals capabilities that are almost like the late Kurt Cobain’s voice which is very evident especially in the song called City and throughout the album itself as well. However not mentioning the other arms of the band wouldn’t do the band any justice, songs like Generation Why doesn’t just show the band working well as the unit but also showcases drummer Hector Bonora being the perfect backbone for the song, the song alone is just an example for what he does well. Come Outside is one of many places where Bassists Nick Ruroede shines with smooth bass notes that help compliment Moyles more heavy guitar riffs.

Modern Illusion is a punk album but with a heart but they there’s a deeper meaning, some songs in first half are a metaphor or a commentary on our society itself but then if you listen to second half you can see they’re talking about life and things we as individuals face. The sound throughout the record is has a rock n roll style out that won’t make the crowd go crazy at their shows but will make them listen. Let Me Out shows how after the first two listen to can find yourself singing along with it just because it’s so catchy but with a meaning. Overall this album should be picked up if you’re looking some raw punk rock songs with your mom and dad’s fifties rock and roll vibe, Lost in Society will do you proud.

The Asbury Park natives are currently on tour supporting their newest album Modern Illusion. Tour dates can be found via their Facebook page


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Review By: Raza Malik