Holy Pinto, the Canterbury indie pop-punk duos are setting things high with their debut album Congratulations releasing in early April. The album is a almost perfect marriage of groovy riffs and melodic vocals which result in the almost perfect pop-punk album.

The record goes through strange transitions starting with an emo style adopting tones that could be heard in bands such as Hawthrone Heights, and then turning into an indie band with some punk. Floripa and Tooth show how quickly they can change styles without making it sound awkward which they do several times effortlessly. Elliot has some influences of The Arctic Monkeys, filled with lyrics are relationships and its hardships and also borrows The Arctic Monkeys’ sound by being simple yet sounding captivating. Phantom Limb stands out probably the most from any other song because it’s what I see is that the band is pulling all their talent collectively into a pool producing that song, which I’m sure will win anyone who hasn’t listened to them before. The latter half of the album is where they show that they can be pop punk as well, but better with having catchy chorus mixed in with a memorable hook in Fairylights. Although they claim they want to stray from being emo, they’re little hints every now and again in a lot of the songs but to me it doesn’t throw off the overall vibe of the record.

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Review by: Raza Malik