Electropop has been coming in at full force over the last several years, we saw artist like Owl City start using synth infused dance club beats that was ultimately catered to the scene of kids who listen to bands like Bring the Horizon and eventually winning a fan base. The genre hasn’t died in fact we see some bands going in that direction. The new generations’ scene will be filled with bands using colorful electronic rhythms and sound more digital.

Jordan Witzigreuter also known as The Ready Set has been flying quietly under the radar for last several years, creating songs filled with sounds that come from other worlds, and with the tentative release of his new album I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love he will hit the mainstream mark and pop up on peoples scope, making him more well known, so we at Ampedsound.net were fortunate enough to get our hands on an early copy for a review.

The 26 year old has been busy with his 4th album, showcasing how experimental he can be. The opener Disappearing Act is like something out of power ballad that would have been popular in the 80s. Witzigreuter voice is as good as ever, mixing in the interments brings out the perfect melody in Being Afraid, making it the ideal teenage summer anthem for 2016. Run with Me has a smooth guitar dance melody intertwined with light electronic drums that complement each other. The title track shows that The Ready Set isn’t afraid to tap into the dance and club scene, with a heavy trance under tone and deep ambient melodies that are mixed in with an R&B sway that runs so well his vocals, making him sound like Joe Jonas.

Over all The Ready Set is doing what he does best: making songs catchy and making instrumentals that put him ahead of the pact, this is a pleasing departure from what he did in the past. The record has shown that The Ready Set can adapt with the times and do it so graciously.

I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love will be out today on Hopeless Records.

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Review by: Raza Malik