Issues | Headspace |May 20th,2016 | Rise Records 

Issues has had a interesting stance on the scene, ex lead singer of Woe is Me, Tyler Carters R&B vocal style mixed in with Michael Bohn’s screams seems to be a formula that’s working well for them. From their debut album, Issues has been experimenting with incorporating nu metal with a wide variety of different genres very well and make it sound so good. Being on label that is now breaking out of the “crabcore” hipster bands that where popular from 2006 till the last few years, allows them to experiment even further and push themselves more.

Pierce the Veil | Misadventures | May 13th, 2016 | Fearless Records

The San Diego emo/rock outfit,  Pierce the Veil are set to put out their most promising record to date, after the their banger Collide with the Sky in 2012 which was one of my favorite records   that came out. Without a doubt, Misadventures will see the band taking new heights of success that will send you back to your high school days of your first crush. The quintet has a knack for writing catchy hooks with some of the most powerful lyrics from mastermind and genius Vic Fuentes mind will and can win any one over. From seeing them countless of times live, one can expect their live shows to take a new form with this new record on horizon, being more crazy and just an all around great time.

letlive | If I’m the Devil… | June 10th,2016 | Epitaph Records

The hardcore scene has its fare share of bands that explode onto the scene, play for a year then die off almost immediately. But for Letlive, that never happened, seeing that they’ve a couple a highly regarded hardcore records under their belt they don’t seem to slowing down anytime soon. They’ve come to my home town countless of times and every time they came; I’d always be stoked on the show because you wouldn’t know what would happen. Sometimes people are injured and other times the band themselves would be bleeding out and still playing, it would be a mess at times. Their new record will unleash songs that are just filled with pure hardcore and will make you either miss them or to understand that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Saosin | Along the Shadow | May 20th, 2016 | Epitaph Records

Saosin has always had a soft spot in my heart, ever since grade 8 I stumbled upon with their then vocalist Cove Reber and the song Voices pulled me in. Ever since I’ve been a diehard fan, it’s between them and Underoath that I’ve seen the most times live. Along the Shadow couldn’t come sooner with the rejoining of their old singer Anthony Green (also in Circa Survive) Saosin is ready to show once again why they’re the band that’s always innovating and setting themselves apart. Their self titled debut was my soundtrack for the early years of high school and is up there with being one the best albums in the scene in my opinion. Being a long time fan and hearing they were heading back into the studio was probably the best news I got apart from getting my first car.

Against the Current | In Our Bones | May 20th, 2016 | Fueled by Ramen

The newbie pop punk trio are about to put themselves on some many people’s radar. Singer Chrissy Costanaza is a new a comer, but already building herself to being compared to Haley Williams of Paramore and Sierra Kay of Versa Emerge but bringing more experimental sound that can be heard on a There for Tomorrow record.  The singles released so far are filled with pop/electronic melodies that bring any in and start dancing. The catchy chorus can remind you simple times, the youth influenced record that the album is shaping up to be shows girls can rock and maybe even harder than their male counterparts. I wouldn’t be surprised Against the Current break to mainstream success almost immediately after In Our Bones comes out.

Written By: Raza Malik