As a fan of hardcore and classic rock, the electronic, synthpop vibe has never been a part of my musical palette, however 3OH!3’s newest album, Night Sports, may have changed that. I hadn’t kept up with the duo’s work since their 2008 hit “Don’t Trust Me” rose to number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 the same year of its release. Needless to say, their sound has changed since I last experienced the compelling musical styles of Sean Foreman and Nathanial Motte.

Reportedly the duo’s 2010 album, Streets of Gold, didn’t receive many positive reviews from critics or fans, leading the band to abandon their aspirations of working with big studios and producers in order to recapture their unique sound and the humility of where they came from. Night Sports definitely captures the distinctive sound 3OH!3 has to offer the music scene through their use of synthesizers, instruments, and incorporation of other musical styles.

The album begins with “Fire in the Heavens,” a slower yet driven song that pushes a strong melody from the beginning to end. This song holds the listener between a mellow trance offered by the chorus and the rhythmic and energetic rapping. This song is followed by my personal favorite, “Hear Me Now,” which features the authentic plucking of a mandolin under the build up just before the bass drops, filling the listeners with a nearly uncontrollable urge to let loose.

Although the majority of the album should be widely accepted among fans and music enthusiasts, there will be a few songs that are not as welcomed among the majority of listeners. The blatant provocative, uncomfortably descriptive content of track 8, “My Dick,” is unsettling and will, more than likely, not be accepted among the female audience in comparison to the rest of the album. However, when looking past the phallic lyrics the musical aspect of the song is relatively interesting.

Despite this seemingly unnecessary track, the rest of the album pulls the listeners back in to the overall tone of the album and closes with a relaxed, chill vibe through their song “Hologram.” Night Sports is set to release Friday May 13, however four songs from the album are available on iTunes and Spotify. Until the release, you can experience the dance inducing drive of “Hear Me Now,” “BASMF,” and “Mad At You,” as well as reach your own conclusion regarding the potential popularity of “My Dick.”

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Review by: Deni Balak