Women fronted bands that have hit the same mark of Paramore or even Versa Emerge have been scarce and don’t reach the same heights of success as their male counterparts unfortunately, but for new comers Against the Current who are releasing their debut record  In Our Bones through Fueled by Ramen who are standing their ground with arsenal of powerful, angst filled songs that are almost just as catchy as the common cold. With that being said, we at Ampedsound.net where privileged enough to get an early copy of the record.

If debut albums had a criteria of making or breaking a band  and if that criteria was taking seriously, the New York based trio would have already raised the bar for themselves and catapult them into the mainstream. Running With the Wild Things is perfectly placed as the first track, the party rock vibe with vocalist Chrissy Costanza is a match made in heaven while it’s definitely one of the songs that they will played live, songs like Forget Me Now and Runway also capture the same elements of being very catchy and easily able to sing along to. Against The Current do a great job in being upbeat with a positive atmosphere, however, they do show a ton of diversity with songs like Chasing Ghosts and Wasteland  going slow with heavy electronic/atmospheric fundamentals that make them probably two of the strongest songs on the record. They’ve taken influences from now disbanded There For Tomorrow with Young and Relentless having a distinct style to and almost sounding like the song should be on its own. Blood like Gasoline takes everything the album is puts it in a three and a half minute package, the track does stand out. It takes all the pop, rock and electronic styles and comes up with the perfect end result.

In Our Bones is going to be a rare type of record, usually debut records from bands aren’t as good as expected, they have some songs that are good and the others  that are not. In this case the record as whole is probably one of the best of 2016 thus far , each songs holds the record up and each song stands out, all these things make the perfect album and I do believe Against the Current have already outdone themselves. In Our Bones without a doubt will be a memorable album for 2016 and years to come and a lot of songs off the record can easily be described as the “soundtrack of your summer”  this year. Do yourself a favour and check out the record when it hits stores and online on May 20th.


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Against the Current will be on this year’s Warped Tour all summer long.  Check out news and updates, everything  regarding the band can be found on their Facebook page

Review By Raza Malik