If you don’t watch Steve Harvey’s new show, “Little Big Shots” you have missed out on an large amount of talented kids. One of the many groups to grace the show were WJM, a group of 7th graders who can rock a cover of “My Generation” better than most adults today.William, Jeremy & Max plan on changing the world one song at a time.

When you heard you were going to be on “Little Big Shots”, what was your first reaction?

“What?! We are going to meet Mr Steve Harvey? He does so much for others, especially for kids! He is amazing!” And then: “We are going to be on TV? Performing our music for millions of viewers? Then we can really make an impact, and get our message out there: we ARE the new generation!”

What has inspired you to support the different nonprofits that you do?

One of our siblings is a cancer survivor, and had to spend lots of time in a children’s hospital when he was little. So when we were invited to play different events benefiting children’s health issues, we realized we could actually have a real impact on kids’ lives. We started to really focus on helping organizations that improve lives of children.


What were some bands/artists who influence you?

We like a lot of the classic songwriters and musicians that created rock music in the 60’s and 70’s. But we listen to so many styles of music; modern rock, pop-rock, pop, EDM, alternative pop and alternative rock as well. Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Kiss, Guns’n’Roses, U2, FooFighters, Coldplay, Muse, singer/songwriters like John Mayer, and so many more modern rock, pop-rock and alternative rock bands.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Yes, we are constantly writing new music. We are playing around a lot with different sounds, and our new songs are about how to create positive change, and what it’s like to be a kid.

If you could classify your music in a genre, what would you classify it as?

Alternative pop rock.


Do you have any tours in the works?

Not right now, but probably in the future. We are in the 7th grade, so staying in school, working hard and getting good grades is our top priority. We are always happy to do local shows.

Is it tough to balance school and your music career?

We love music, so finding time to write, jam, play, rehearse, etc, is not hard. What makes it a little hard is that we live about 45 minutes away from one another.


Make sure to listen to their recent Self-Titled EP 

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Interview By: Danielle Rhew