After having his name smeared due to false allegations, Austin Kerr is rising from the ashes with his new project PRGRSS. He has also teamed up with M3NDEAD for his new musical endeavors.

Can you explain the meaning behind the name PRGRSS?

It all started a few years back I because obsessed with the word. I started writing a lot of poems around the concept. As someone who’s a workaholic I sometimes get bummed because I haven’t reached a plateau yet, like I haven’t reached my goal. I always have to go back working toward things little by little. The quote I originally made was “It’s not about being the best, or building Rome in a day. It’s about going to bed better than you woke up as, in short; progress.” So when I started this venture with so much against me, PRGRSS was the only name that made sense.

After being in Set It Off so long, and dealing with the slander, did you ever want to give up on music, or was there something telling you not to give up? if so what was it?

All the fucking time. I don’t know, like I think I’ll always put on a hard front but in reality many days it’s difficult to push against all there is against me. Especially when I first started again. I think what keeps me going is that I really haven’t found anything else that’s made me happy. Music is my life. So I’ve never really had another option but to continue to push toward my future. 

What genre would you classify your music as?

I like to say poetic hip hop, college hip hop, indie hip hop etc. It’s music rooted in the Hip Hop world but focused more on musical and lyrical side then some of the other aspects some hip hop is about.

Would you say you use person experiences to write your music?

Yes definitely, sometimes I’ll bolster the stories in my head but everything I write is deeply personal. IT’s how I cope with my problems with the world.

“I’m excited for this next phase of my life, I’m excited to see you guys in real life”

-Austin Kerr

What are you hoping to accomplish with PRGRSS?

Inspire people to push through adversity, no matter how much the world fucks you, I like to believe there a way through it.

Are you planning any touring in the near (or distant future)?

Definitely, it’s been a bit harder to get stuff together than I’ve hoped, a lot of my connections don’t really apply to the hip hop world but I hope to do something fall or late summer.

Are you surprised with the love you have received from your followers?

Yea, it’s been fantastic, I definitely had no idea of what the response would be like. I am really looking forward to getting more and more fans rooted into my future instead of my past. I’m excited to really grow all this for PRGRSS.

How has the transition been for you from playing Bass to singing?

Interesting, it’s crazy to think how long it’s been since I picked up a bass, I honestly think I enjoy rapping way more than I ever did bass.


“Keep trying, just never

give up on what’s

important to you.”

-Austin Kerr


What can we expect from you as far as music in the coming months?

I will be doing at least a new song a month, I just put out “Not Blood, but We’re Family” which is an extremely personal song, I’ll also be working with some local videographers to do some videos.

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Article By: Danielle Rhew